How can I use the media I've purchased?
Our official license agreement, which you agree to each time you purchase content from our site, can be found here or alongside the file when you download it (or here). But for all of us without law degrees, or the time to read long agreements, we’ve broken it down into two simple piles of "do's & dont's":

What Thou Shalt Do

  1. Show the Content to your congregation or organization, be that as a Church, conference, Bible study, presentation, small group, corporate meeting, etc.
  2. Make a backup or archival copy of the Content as you deem necessary.
  3. Study this document, which is a binding contract between you (the End User and Licensee) and Steelehouse Media (the Content owner). Then, contact us with any additional questions about usage.

What Thou Shalt Not Do

  1. Stream this content over the Internet or any other digital broadcasting platform, without contacting us to obtain a special broadcasting license for this content.
  2. Broadcast the Content via television or radio.
  3. Duplicate or offer this content for download or via email, Twitter or Facebook to your congregation, group or organization.
  4. Sell this content to anyone, in any form, as a part of a larger video, production or collection; or on its own.
  5. License this content for use anywhere outside of your organization.
  6. Represent that this content is yours, that you created it or own it and have any rights to alter, license, distribute, stream, broadcast or sell it.

Why can't I choose a size/resolution for my content?
Instead of charging more for HD, Steelehouse Media gives you all available sizes/resolutions for each piece of purchased content. When you complete your purchase, you will be sent an email with a download link, at which time you can download one or all of the available sizes of video (currently SD 480, HD 720 or HD 1080). We hope you enjoy this offering, and let us know if you have any problems with any of our content you’ve purchased.

How do I use the filters box (on the right side of product pages)?
We’ve designed an easy to use filter system to refine the content you are viewing, based on what you’re trying to find. These filters are also commonly known as “tags”, and they represent various aspects of each piece of content (like Theme, Season, Category, Style or Color). To use the filters and refine content, simply click on a filter or the corresponding slide-out with a “+” sign. That “+” will then change to a red backed "-" and your content will re-organize accordingly. You can keep adding or removing filters by clicking on them, until you have the fully refined content set to satisfy your searching needs. If you become lost, or have narrowed the content too specifically, select the "clear all" option at the bottom of the filters box which will reset all of the filters, and return you to your original selection.

How Do I get what I’ve just purchased?
After your credit card information has been processed, you will be sent an email with a link to the download page. There you will be able to download each piece of purchased content and select desired sizes. In the event that you navigate away from this page or want to download content at a later date, we can resend the email containing a link to your order page alongside your receipt. Additionally, if you have an account, you can access previous purchase downloads anytime from the "My Account" page after signing in. We allow you to download an order up to three times (per size). If you encounter any issues, or would like more than three downloads, please email us [email protected]

How do I know which download button to click on, or which size video to download?
Upon purchasing a piece of content from us, you're offered downloads of all available sizes. If you've reached your customized order page (containing all the downloadable elements connected to your order) you can download one or all of the available sizes of video (currently SD 480, HD 720 or HD 1080). If you are not sure which size you need, we suggest the largest size available (HD 1080 or HD 720). You can always return and download an alternative size. Some general notes about the three main formats of video we sell. SD 480 is standard definition video, characterized by a lower resolution and more square frame size (4:3 aspect ratio) that matches older televisions and projection equipment. HD 720 is high definition with higher resolution then standard definition and a widescreen frame size (16:9 aspect ratio). HD 1080 is also high definition with the highest resolution available for most televisions and projectors available today.

How can I keep track of all of my orders and downloads?
If you purchase content from us on a regular basis, or would like to be able to access order downloads / details later, you can create a user account. You'll find a button on the final page of checkout to create an account, or you can do it on this page. Your account will allow quick access to your billing information (for future purchases) as well as allow you to download previously purchased content.


How do I view my order history?
When you log into your account, you are presented with your order history.

When am I billed?
You are billed as soon as the payment is processed.

International order not processing.
We are investigating the issue but it seems our credit card processor is no longer handling credit card transactions outside the United States. We have recently added PayPal as a payment method, so please pay via PayPal during checkout process.

Can I get a refund?
Yes. Send us an email. :)

How do I empty my cart?
The simplest way to empty your cart is before checkout by viewing it from the footer at the bottom of the page. You will see an "x" beside each item which will allow you to remove them. 



Do you provide other formats?
At this time we do not provide any additional media formats.

Codec Support
We provide our video products in QuickTime (.mov) format which is the recommended format for media players like ProPresenter, Easy Worship, and MediaShout. If you are using MediaShout, you may need to install some standard codecs to allow your computer to play back the audio or video content.

Microsoft's Codec FAQ  Page
Update Windows Media Player

No Audio
Your computer might be lacking an MP3 audio codec. If you're on Windows, please update your media player first, then if that doesn't resolve the issue install the K-Lite Codec pack. There is no need to install the search toolbar add on or tweak any settings. The default installation should bring your system up to date. K-Lite Codec Pack Download

PowerPoint Support
PowerPoint video support varies drastically based on which version you are running. Here is the list of video support for PowerPoint.

VLC Player

VLC Player is an excellent and free media player for Macs and PCs.


Can I license this for broadcast or web?
We currently offer licensing for select videos that allow the end user include our original content in a stream, website, or video file. Examples of this would be the inclusion of the content in a service’s live stream or a website that contains archived video sermons. The videos must be played through a native player on your website, not third-party sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.. Access to said live stream or download/watching of videos must be free and viewers cannot be charged in any way to access/consume the media. For broadcast use, please contact us for more information.